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April 24, 2012
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Apr 24, 2012, 9:37:25 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
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Portraits - Kim Jonghyun by headraline Portraits - Kim Jonghyun by headraline
I haven't uploaded drawing in..... forever, because I've been suffering a major art block.
If it wasn't obvious enough.
But, it looks like I'm slowly going back to the pencil (if not the tablet immediately, but I'll get there too).
After many failed attempts at drawing something, this portait satisfies me quite a bit, because I feel like I've improved a lot compared to what I could do before. It took me around 4 hours to finish.

It should be quite obvious which "Sherlock" photo I used as a reference, though many details about the shirt and blanket might not be 100% accurate, because I didn't have the photo visible on the screen all the time.

Once again, when my soul needs help with something, Kpop comes to the rescue. XD LOL I dunno it's kinda funny that I don't draw from months on end and the first thing to come out this well is the portrait of a Kpop singer. SHINee fans, enjoy.

Korean speakers, please ignore my horrible hangeul handwriting -it's just a verse from "Sherlock" anyway.

This drawings belongs to ME, the reference photo belongs to SM and all that company people, Kim Jonghyun belongs solely to himself~

(p.s.: I was tempted to put a warning on this. Blingers will understand. xD)
Hope you like it ♥

(p.p.s.: the camera flash ate away at the shadowing so bad T-T)
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Christiania-unica Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
This is hard to believe it took for hours.. .. but I like it. I don't know who this is and I don't really know what Kpop is but I'm glad you like it.. you know .. the soul thing...

How've you been?

My mom's coming home on Saturday <3
I'm going to fail one of my exams ....
I just wrote a heart emote to your sister.. I think she likes talking to me *caprtain obvious*
That was very random ..

headraline Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
I'm glad I like Kpop too, it's been doing me plenty of good <3

And yeah, my sister likes talking to you but most of the times she doesn't know what to say because neither her or my mom know any English XD

Christiania-unica Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
....... spoiled eggplants ........maybe I should look into this thing..

...I like your family because they have no idea who the heck I am but they still are very nice to me .. I don't know if it's some Italian custom to be this nice but still .. they're very nice people .. you're lucky to be born to them *doesn't know your father*
oh I disagree they know a bit.. and they understand what I tell them
leaving you alone now .. I've got nothing to do ..... haven't finished doing nothing since yesterday.... bb
headraline Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
Well they do say Italians are very hearty people, so it might be that...
also, they know that it's not like you do anything bad, you just chat with us~
my father is not an internet type of person, and he doesn't talk to people.
Like, at all.
friggin hermit. XD

well... enjoy doing nothing, I guess <3
Christiania-unica Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
you're like him :D well you are some kind of mixture between both your parents *a very genius conclusion* .. but you're more like him
<detective talk> I'd say you're somehow related....</detective talk>
*more detective talk* by the way about the drawing I'd bet you have a crush on this guy... becuz nobody will spend 4 hours just drawing anyone.. ^_^

ok gotta go clean the flat now .. I want my mom to do nothing when she arives *___*
because usually when she's here she does absolutely everything .. and I look like a livingroom decoration ^^; I have nothing left to do.
headraline Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
<surprised voice> Oh, wow I never thought I'd be related to my father somehow O_O </surprised voice>

...sorry to disappoint you, but 4 hours is a very medium amount of time for a portrait, at least for me, and the reason I chose this man is simply because the photo was beautiful, he is a great model because of his very peculiar features (I've enjoyed particularly drawing the nose, lips and jawline) and part of something I have a great passion for, so no. No crushes for me today~ ♥
I could have done a portrait of Carlos Santana, and I'd have spent the same amount of time on it (maybe even more, because Santana has a very difficult face)...

I once spent something like six hours on a drawing of my own character -which doesn't exist- and then 4 more hours to color it with Photoshop... am I going to marry it? XD
Christiania-unica Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
dammit woman! Cooperate with me will ya! I'm trying to appear intelligent here.
Grrr I'm not competent enough to know what takes how long and stuff ..
no matter. I feel dumb now .. this is all your fault.. *starts to argue with self*
inner Nora#1: Listen.. how is it her fault you're dumb...
inner Nora#3: hey chillax you guys I'm trying to leartn French here!!
inner Nora#1: I was just trying to make a point here... you take responsability for your own statements, therefore you have yourself to blame if they're innaccurate..
inner Nora#2: AAAHhh shut up I'm right and that's it...
inner Nora#1: but....
inner Nora#2: SHUT UUUP!
inner Nora#3: That's it!!! I'm calling the cops...
inner Nora#4: Hey guuuys.. hey guys.... YOU GUYS!
inner Noras#1,2 and 3: WHAT!!!!
inner Nora#4: I found a penny. ^3^

..... so basically we agreed that how much time you spend on a portrait isn;t related to the feelings towards the one you're painting. .. Have a nice day...
headraline Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
Aww, come one you know that it wasn't my purpose...
and after all bothering to do a portrait at all is at the very least an indication of admiration and looking up to that person~
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